Congratulations to our Art Show Winners!

As the world is everchanging, it is important that artists reflect on their own continual transformation. Art has the power to represent the progression of time, our surrounding culture, and the mindsets of the people, artists, living during a particular time. Art can be used as a tool to communicate a person’s inner transformation, exemplified by some of the artwork in this exhibition. The theme of this year’s art show was Metamorphosis and featured over 60 pieces of art on display at NorthPark Center.

While our 2022 Uplift Education Art Show has come to an end, we want to take a moment to highlight and celebrate our award recipients.

People’s Choice Award

ProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
110Debroiah SmithAtlas1st Grade



PlaceProjectScholar NameCampus
First100Krish BoparaiNorth Hills
Second106Ethan LopezAtlas
Third105Mailen MartinezWisdom

First Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampus
First110Debroiah SmithAtlas
Second114Pushkara TadepalliNorth Hills
Third109Purslane CabrialesMeridian

Second Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampus
First113Matthew CastilloAtlas
Second117Mia CortesAscend
Third116Samuel An (An-Do Joon)North Hills

Third Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampus
First132Liam Joseph SabidoAtlas
Second124Caroline StantonNorth Hills
Third131Ethan TsimbergNorth Hills

Fourth Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampus
First128Jordan DordovaAscend
Second133Sowmika LekkalaNorth Hills
Third134Anika MadabushiNorth Hills

Fifth Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampus
First137Alexandra DeLiraAtlas
Second138Camila EspinosaSummit
Third140Manasvi SankaNorth Hills

Overall Winner

ProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
132Liam Joseph SabidoAtlas3rd Grade

Middle School

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
First205Sruti PabbisettyNorth Hills8th Grade
Second202Nuthana RamaneediNorth Hills7th Grade
Third200Sara AhmedNorth Hills6th Grade

Overall Winner

ProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
205Sruti PabbisettyNorth Hills8th Grade

High School

Ninth and Tenth Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
First336Erika JimenezWilliams10th Grade
Second312Jennifer LopezSummit10th Grade
Second300Helena SmithSummit9th Grade
Third316Chloe LimNorth Hills10th Grade

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade

PlaceProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
First337Quynhnghi TranSummit11th Grade
Second317Melany BustamanteSummit12th Grade
Third311Natalia RamosWilliams11th Grade

Overall Winner

ProjectScholar NameCampusGrade
337Quynhnghi TranSummit11th Grade

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