Uplift Grand Teachers Recognized in Surprise Ceremony

As part of the “Big Day for Teachers” event, the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation and the Cotton Bowl Foundation honored two teachers from Uplift Grand; high school English teacher Jillian Lyles, and 6th-grade math teacher Christiane Crawford. Both honorees received a $500 gift card to use for supplies for their classroom and tickets to the CFP Semifinal at the 86th Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic at AT&T Stadium.

“We try to find places where we can give back and make a difference,” said Bry Patton, Chairman of the Cotton Bowl Association.

Neither Ms. Lyles nor Ms. Crawford had any idea they were going to receive an award, which made the event all the more special.

Ms. Lyles, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the event, had taken part in what she thought was a promotional video for Urban Teachers, a program whose mission is to prepare, certify, and support new educators to be highly effective so they can provide high-quality education for children. Ms. Lyles, an alumni of the Urban Teachers program, didn’t think anything of it.

Ms. Crawford, who is also an Urban Teachers alumni, thought she was just taking her class outside to get their picture taken. As you can see in the pictures below, she was definitely surprised!

“When I look at myself and I hear, oh, you’re such a great teacher, I have such a hard time believing that,” said Ms. Crawford. “I think a great teacher, never thinks they’re a great teacher. I think a great teacher always looks at themselves through a lens and is always thinking of ways to get better.”

We are so proud of both Ms. Lyles’ and Ms. Crawford’s unwavering commitment to their scholars along with everything they do for the Uplift Grand community. Thank you, and congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

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