To Infinity and Beyond!

Several members of the Irving Fire Department were on hand at Uplift Infinity to present certificates of valor to two Operations workers who kept a small fire under control until the fire department could arrive.  

The incident took place this past summer, days before the start of the school year. A wiring issue with the HVAC unit located on the roof of the school caused the small electrical fire. Custodian, Benito Cardenas, and Facilities Manager, Israel Estrada, called 911 and then quickly jumped into action. Armed with as many fire extinguishers as they could get their hands on, both Benito and Israel rushed up on the roof and heroically battled the fire until the Irving Fire Department could arrive. Within minutes, the Irving Fire Department arrived on the scene and managed to put out the fire.  

“Thanks to the actions of Benito and Israel, the fire was able to be contained until we arrived, and the school year was able to start on time,” said Gabriel Grove, Battalion Chief of the Irving Fire Department.  

Both Benito and Israel are beloved members of the Uplift Infinity community, and scholars and staff alike made their appreciation known as the crowd erupted in cheers and applause upon being presented with their plaques in a surprise ceremony held in the auditorium. 

“Thanks to God, I was able to be in that situation and have the skills necessary to act in the moment,” said Benito as he addressed the crowd in Spanish. “I’m very thankful for the training we have received over the years, and it definitely came in handy on that day.” 

“We’re very thankful and appreciative of receiving this awesome recognition,” said Israel. “We do it for the scholars and we truly love what we do.”  

Thank you, Benito and Israel, for your bravery and courage. We at Uplift are proud and grateful for your willingness to rise to the occasion in the face of danger.  

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