Welcome Back to School!

Our scholars, teachers, and staff made their highly-anticipated return to school this week to much fanfare and celebration. Monday, August 9th marked the beginning of 100% in-person learning and despite being in the midst of a pandemic, our scholars are #SafelyReturning to a learning environment that is safe and secure

Our scholars thrive on social interaction and that was on full display throughout the week. Friends chatted about their summer adventures, teachers began to develop a rapport with their new cohorts of scholars, and our leadership teams were out and about ensuring things were running smoothly, while being ready to adjust as needed. 

Please keep in mind that every week will not be like the first week of school. Both staff and families are adjusting to 100% in-person learning and that inevitably means a lot more vehicles, scholars, parents, and traffic than last year. As our CEO, Yasmin Bhatia, mentioned in our back-to-school town halls, things will get better. But, if after a few days, you find things are not improving, please do not hesitate to communicate with us. Your voice matters to us. Our teachers, Operations staff, and leadership teams are here to help. Your concerns are important to us, and we promise to work hard to make things better. We truly appreciate your patience and flexibility! 

All that being said, let us not lose sight of what a return to school truly means. After 18 months of uncertainty and frustration, a return to 100% in-person learning serves as a shining beacon of hope. It signifies that we are approaching a turning point; we are getting closer to a sense of normalcy. Once the “new-normal” sets in, the regular normal can begin. 

Our scholars are forming connections with those around them. Our teachers are moving away from a computer screen and teaching from the heart and helping to inspire our future leaders. Our families will experience a traditional Uplift Education experience where their children are learning, growing, and developing as intended. You will see Uplift teachers and staff do what Uplift teachers and staff do best and that is focus on the whole scholar. 100% in-person learning means that 100% of our scholars will receive the same dedicated and individualized support found in our curriculum, academics, nurturing school community, and unmatched college preparation.  

We are looking forward to a successful 2021-2022 school year, working side by side with all the members of our Uplift community and we remain committed to continuing to provide a safe and secure learning environment so that our scholars, teachers, and staff can continue #SafelyReturning to school every day. 

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