North Hills Scholars Develop Scholar-Led Study Sessions

With IB Diploma Programme courses, and the uncertainty of learning amidst a global pandemic on the horizon, junior class President Mrigayu Ghosh, along with other scholars at Uplift North Hills, wanted to find a way to effectively collaborate with one another throughout the course of the year. 

“We wanted to find resources that we could use to help each other,” Mrigayu said. “Although teachers do everything they can, it takes a certain degree of scholar initiative to truly be successful.” 

Their small study group eventually grew to become “Revis Now”, a platform that empowers scholars to become the leaders. The scholars develop sessions for their fellow peers to review materials before upcoming tests, and can ask one another clarifying questions.  

“I’m a firm believer that we already have all the resources, we just need to pull them together so people can succeed,” Mrigayu said. “Likewise, scholars feel less pressure and a higher level of comfort around other scholars which leads them to be active participants during our study sessions.” 

Scholars are encouraged to coordinate the various study sessions, if they feel strong enough in a particular subject area and if it fits around their after-school schedule. 

“That person is in charge of looking at the testing calendar, determining when to hold the study session, and ultimately communicating with the entire class so everyone is aware and can attend if they’re able to,” Mrigayu said. “The sessions typically take place via Zoom and if scholars can’t make it, they can watch the recorded session on our YouTube channel.” 

Mrigayu hopes to expand this free program to other schools and campuses, similarly in the way that his friend, Noah Kann has done with his financial literacy program. 

Noah, who attends Southlake Carroll High School, has developed a financial literacy program aimed at teenagers and young adults to help prepare them for life after high school. 

“Research indicates that scholars are not well versed in financial literacy coming out of high school,” Noah said. “We want to make sure that scholars are empowered with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances by developing successful habits and strategies to save and invest through direct education and targeted financial support.” 

Noah and Mrigayu have worked together to develop a partnership called CESEL which stands for Community Events for Scholar Empowerment and Leadership.  

“My side of the partnership is a full 8-week curriculum that is derived from students and looked over by financial professionals. We talk to students about financing, compound interests, basic investment concepts, etc.” Noah said. “Together we combine to provide a completely free program that provides students with opportunities to be leaders.” 

While both Noah and Mrigayu will be graduating soon, they hope to keep these programs in place at their schools, but also look forward to expanding across schools in North Texas to help future generations of scholars. 

For more information on Revis Now, visit their website or if you could use some help on a future exam, subscribe to their YouTube channel where you can watch all their recorded study sessions! 

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