Senior Decision Day Spotlight: Jose Fuentes

Jose has been at Uplift Infinity since 6th grade, however he’s poised to make a jump outside of his comfort zone. Through the help of his RTCC counselor, Jose connected with an Uplift Infinity alumni who now attends Babson College, a small private school near Boston, Massachusetts. For Jose, having a mentor has been a huge stress-reliever and he looks forward to picking the brain of someone who essentially grew up in the same house.

His advice to other scholars considering going to an out-of-state school is to just go for it. While it’s normal to be hesitant, Jose urges you to embrace those emotions of uncertainty because it will ultimately lead to more experiences and a greater sense of freedom and independence.

Jose is eager to broaden his range of friends and stoked about networking with others from different cultures and backgrounds.

Hear more from Jose about his experience at Uplift Infinity!

Name: Jose Fuentes
High School: Uplift Infinity
Major: Statistics
College: Babson College

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