Senior Decision Day Spotlight: Denise Dominguez

Denise has been at Uplift Peak since 4th grade, and has felt embraced by a strong community atmosphere. Her RTCC counselors encouraged her to apply for programs such as QuestBridge, which allowed Denise to apply to highly prestigious schools.

Speaking of the college application process, the most stressful part for Denise were deadlines.

“I ended up applying to 32 schools, mostly in the East coast, and just a few in California,” Denise said. “It was very hard to keep up with multiple deadlines. Whether it was college, scholarship or financial aid applications, there was just a lot going on.”

Now that she’s decided where she’s going to go and all the stress from those deadlines has gone away, Denise looks forward to celebrating Senior Decision Day and sharing that moment with all the other Uplift seniors.

“Senior Decision Day has always been like a stepping stone towards our next path, and a really good transition as we head off to college,” Denise said. “I’m excited to have so many people all together and just be able to have that Uplift experience again.”

Hear more from Denise about her experience at Uplift Peak!

Name: Denise Dominguez
High School: Uplift Peak
Major: Psychology
Minor: Education or Economics
College: Northeastern University

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