Senior Decision Day Spotlight: Brianna Vasquez

Brianna joined the Uplift family three years ago and immediately became enamored with the attention that Uplift teachers provide their scholars. Having trusting adults and developing bonds with her teachers really helped to shape her as she progressed through high school.

In addition to her teachers, the staff in the RTCC office also served as a support system helping Brianna with letters of recommendation, building up her resume, and being there with open office hours to answer any questions.

Now that she has narrowed her decision down to a few schools, Brianna will look at the financial aid packages she received from both schools, sit down with her family and determine the best move to make. Brianna looks forward to majoring in Biochemistry, in preparation for medical school or nursing school down the line.

Hear more from Brianna about her experience at Uplift Grand!

Name: Brianna Vasquez
High School: Uplift Grand
Major: Biochemistry
College: University of California, Berkeley

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