“Uplift” Your Pumpkins With Your School’s Logo

One popular trend the past few years is to use stencils to carve your pumpkins. This helps you create some amazing designs, and it’s a lot easier than free-handing with a sharp knife. Scholars, please get your parents permission, or better yet, make this a weekend family event so that you can all spend some quality time together!

There are a variety of different tutorials available on YouTube, but here’s a quick one that demonstrates the process very well.

Written instructions:
1. Print out your school’s logo
2. Tape it on your pumpkin
3. Trace around your logo with a thumbtack or sharp pin.
4. Remove the tape and logo stencil.
5. Following the outline you created, connect the dots as you carve your pumpkin.
6. Don’t forget to share your pumpkins with us on social media!

To download your school’s logo:
1. Click on one of the links below with your school’s name.
2. Go to the upper right hand side, and click on the downward facing arrow.
3. Select Direct download.

Uplift Education
Uplift Ascend
Uplift Delmas Morton
Uplift Elevate
Uplift Gradus
Uplift Grand
Uplift Hampton
Uplift Heights
Uplift Infinity
Uplift Luna
Uplift Meridian
Uplift Mighty
Uplift North Hills
Uplift Peak
Uplift Pinnacle
Uplift Summit
Uplift Triumph
Uplift White Rock Hills
Uplift Williams
Uplift Wisdom

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