Uplift Education: 6 Steps to Prepare for A Virtual Learning Environment

Preparing for a new school year can be challenging for many parents and scholars, and transitioning to a new virtual learning environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic adds additional challenges during an already stressful time. This school year will be unique to say the least, but we are prepared to help our families thrive in any learning environment.

Here are six steps parents and scholars can take to create a successful learning environment at home.

Schedule and Routine – Scholars are used to having a school schedule and routine with specific class days, transition times, lunchtimes, and recess. To ensure you keep your scholars on a school-related schedule and routine, start planning a similar one at home. We have created a home school schedule for our scholars to follow as best works for your family. We also encourage you to create a quiet, consistent, and distraction-free workspace for scholars as they begin at-home learning.

Organize- It is easy to lose track of time during a school day. Stay organized by following your classroom syllabus or creating your own to stay on top of your learning. From to-do lists and calendars to syllabi and more, there are plenty of popular methods for organizing your schedule to choose from. We have created a schedule for weeks 2-4 of school to help you better prepare.

Set goals- It feels great to be able to complete a task or homework assignment off your to-do list. Our first week of school was intentionally designed to help scholars transition into online learning and is a great opportunity to begin setting and meeting smaller short term goals that will prepare you for your big, long term goals throughout the new school year!

Take breaks – Now that you are learning at home, it can be easy to find yourself distracted — this is when you should take a break. Remember that you’re still in class, so these breaks should not be used to watch a whole episode on Netflix or scroll through social media. Take short and simple break to get your brain back on track – we recommend getting up and moving, drinking some water, grabbing a snack, or doing your favorite activity for 5-10 minutes.

Communicate- Transitioning into an online learning environment can make you feel a disconnect in communication with your teachers because you are not physically in the same room with them. It is critical, now more than ever, to establish personal connections early in the school year. The first couple of weeks of school are structured to ensure our families, scholars, and teachers create these connections through virtual learning. This is a great opportunity to encourage your scholars to ask questions, reach out, and establish connections with the class.

Well-being- With our new virtual learning transition it is important to stay on top of our well-being. Our social counselors are always available for scholars as they transition to a new form of learning. Changes can be scary, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming for scholars but our social counselors are here to help them get through it. Contact your campus social counselor for a virtual call.

Try these six steps and before you know it, you will have created a successful virtual learning environment!

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