As COVID-19 has brought closure to school districts across Texas, Uplift Education remains committed to serving our families with a high-quality education at home, meals available for pick up, and community resources during this unprecedented time.  

Uplift is implementing a full and robust remote learning program for our 20,000 scholars across PreK – 12th grades in content aligned to their grade level to allow for continuous engagement in academic programming throughout our closure. Our programming includes continuing our efforts of posting lessons online through our Uplift Education YouTube channel, using educational technology programs, and facilitating student-teacher interaction through safe online platforms.  Our Directors, Deans and teachers have continued to support our families through our online transition with a common goal of supporting the academic and social and emotional wellbeing of our students.  As we work together with our families you can see the engagement across our network. 

  • More than 7,000 YouTube subscribers to view our daily online lesson uploads 
  • 850+ Instructional videos posted for online learning  
  • More than 470,000 views on instructional videos  

I am so proud of the work our staff has done to provide the highest-quality resources necessary to ensure that our students have a meaningful opportunity to learn and grow in the fourth quarter of our school year. In addition to providing quality interactive academic programming, we continue to provide critical services to our students and families during our COVID-19 closure, which includes access to the following supports: 

  • Opportunity to check out a loaner Chromebook to access all online resources during our closure. 
  • Free breakfast and lunch available for pick up Monday – Friday at our campuses, with more than62,133 meals provided to families since our mid-March closure.  
  • Free access to Children’s Health Telehealth Program to allow our scholars, families, and staff to video chat with healthcare providers within Children’s network for medical evaluation. 
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons and content created by our SEL team to support students and parents in processing their feelings and emotions during our closure. 
  • Counseling services team case management to identify and meet social, economic, and other needs of students and their families.  
  • Alumni counseling to support the emergency needs of our Alumni as they navigate college closures, career searches, and remote learning.  

To continue to support our families and students during our closure, we will be raising funds through North Texas Giving Tuesday Now on Tuesday, May 5thWe anticipate that the resources we need to ensure the well-being and continued academic success for each of our students will exceed $500,000 in costs. Our financial resources have been strained, but we remain committed to our Whole Scholarapproach to education. We need your support now more than ever!  Every donation counts in our efforts –click the link here to give! 

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