Uplift High Schools Join the National College March


Since 2013, Uplift schools have been participating in the National College March created by the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) as a symbolic tradition for high school seniors. This year, Uplift added a new participating school, Uplift Grand, that will be celebrating their first graduating class this spring with 41 seniors. From this group, 85% will be first generation college attendees.

“At Uplift, college-going culture is central to our mission and to the bold goals we set for our scholars. Since the start of our Road to College and Career program, 100% of Uplift graduates have been accepted to college. Participating in the College March is a visible way to celebrate and honor our seniors and their families who have worked hard to get to their senior year,” said Uplift CEO Yasmin Bhatia.

Over 800 Uplift seniors marched their college applications to post offices, mail trucks and mail-boxes across North Texas as classmates, teachers, staff, family and community members cheered them on. This moment was important to all our scholars, especially with nearly 78% of them being first generation college students. Seniors are already looking forward to their next step at College Signing Day on April 30th where they declare which college that have chosen to attend.

You can watch our re-cap video and view pictures that capture some exciting moments of the College March and the promise of a bright future ahead on our YouTube channel or Facebook page. Check out or news feature on the Rambler Newspaper.


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