Road To College Expands Into Career

We are excited to announce our signature Road To College program is expanding to give current scholars and alumni the tools they need to land a meaningful careerThe newly renamed Road To College & Career program will continue to provide personalized support to scholars before and during college, but will also help current scholars identify careers of interest and guide Uplift alumni toward a best-fit career. Ideas for our additional focus on career came directly from families like yours. Over several months, we interviewed and surveyed hundreds of families with current or former Uplift scholars as part of a year-long research project on the topic of alumni support. Themes around exposure to more meaningful careers, family engagement and career assistance for all alumni seemed to be the most common.  Three pillars of our program based on parent feedback are as follows: 

  • Scholar Exposure to Relevant Careers – Visits to corporations were a good start but starting in middle school we will help scholars identify best-fit careers to connect with more meaningful visits and other career experiences. We will take personality and strengths tests and take long-term goals into account to help each scholar shape their career aspirations and revisit those over time.
  • Engage with families – During interviews, families often asked how they could play a larger role in helping their scholar before college, in college and after college. By partnering with families and helping parents be part of the decision-making process, families will have the information and tools they need to help their children navigate college and career challenges.
  • Provide career support to our alumni – In addition to a bolstered support structure for Uplift alumni, we will offer ongoing career support. To help alumni find jobs in alignment with education, skills and experience, the Road To College & Career team will provide resume assistance, career guidance, and connect them with internships and other networking opportunities. 

As we continue to build our career initiative, we are proud to partner with our families and community for the improvement of our scholars. Our Campus Road to College Counselors and Alumni Success Counselors are here to answer any questions you may have.  

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