5 important actions for parents in 5 days

The first day of school is Tuesday, August 6 and taking a moment to complete the following five steps over the next five days, will help parents throughout the 2019-20 school year.


Visit your campus Families and Scholars website – Each campus website includes a “Families and Scholars” tab where parents can find uniform information, school supply lists, pick up and drop off information and much more. A quick link to your campus Families and Scholars page is below.


Go to Schoolcafe.com – Our Child Nutrition department creates delicious nutritious meals on campuses across the network. At schoolcafe.com families can add funds to their child’s lunch account and view upcoming menus. We encourage all parents to apply for Free or Reduced lunches at schoolcafe.com, because every application could mean additional funding for your school, not to mention a significant cost savings for families.


(Uplift North Hills uses Twelve Oaks Catering to provide lunches and accept payment, but parents can still apply for Free or Reduced Lunch at schoolcafe.com)


Download the Uplift App – Is my scholar making it to classes on time? Did they check out a library book? Do they have funds on their lunch account? Are there upcoming events on campus? Where can I find the email I received earlier in the week?


Answers to each question can be found any time on the Uplift App. While class schedules won’t be immediately available as we work to solidify schedules for all scholars across the network, families can set alerts for future grade or absence notifications. Parent login information will be sent on Saturday. In the meantime, download the Uplift App for Android or iPhone today.


Complete the volunteer application To volunteer on campus, all parents need to complete the annual volunteer application at uplift.voly.org. Complete the background check and orientation and a notification of approval or denial will be sent within 72 hours. Parents will be able to volunteer for campus volunteer opportunities all year long.


A how-to guide can be found here or reach out to your campus with questions.


Arrive on the first day of school – Make sure your child attends classes and is on time for the first day of school. If your child does not attend on the first day, they could be replaced by a scholar on our waitlist. If you have any questions, please reach out to Community Engagement and Enrollment Coordinator on your campus today.


Evette Mendiola 817-768-4300 401405 Ascendadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Jessica Martinez 214-892-3098 N/A Elevateadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Teresa Varona 214-451-5551 361106 Gradusadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Esther Ascencio 972-854-0600 352110 Grandadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Samantha Sendeja 972-421-1982 251242 Hamptonadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Rosa Ornelas 214-873-9700 371107 HeightsPadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Carlos Martinez 214-442-7094 281174 HeightsSadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Jesus Belmonte 469-621-9200 Infinityadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Doris Enriquez 214-442-7882 271206 LunaPadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Maritza Rico 214-445-3300 331116 LunaSadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Karen Flores 817-288-1700 321193 Meridianadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Daniela Morales Castro 817-288-3800 313112 Mightyadmissions@uplifteducation.org
TBD 972-501-0645 Nhadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Eva Calvario 214-276-0879 231118 Peakadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Ana Gonzalez 214-442-6100 291100 Pinnacleadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Vernetta Willis 817-287-5121 261125 Summitadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Teresa Salazar 972-590-5100 341016 Triumphadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Rachel Mireles 469-914-7500 391102 WRHadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Cristina Jaime 214-276-0352 243200 Williamsadmissions@uplifteducation.org
Genesis Simon 214-453-6900 381511 Wisdomadmissions@uplifteducation.org

Uplift Ascend


Uplift Elevate

gUplift Gradus ggUplift Grand
hUplift Hampton hhUplift Heights Primary hhUplift Heights Secondary iUplift Infinity
lUplift Lee llUplift Luna Primary llUplift Luna Secondary mUplift Meridian
mmUplift Mighty nUplift North Hills pUplift Peak ppUplift Pinnacle
sUplift Summit tUplift Triumph wUplift White Rock Hills wwUplift Williams
wwwUplift Wisdom

Written by: Jake Kurz 

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