Top 6 Ways to Prepare Your Graduate For College

Congratulations! High school graduation is an incredible family milestone and soon your child will embark on their next adventure – college and career. The next few months will be filled with equal parts excitement and angst, especially if your scholar is moving out of the city or out of state. To help families, we have come up with six ways to help prepare scholars for the next step.

1. Clash of the Colleges

Our alumni summer event takes place on May 30, at Group Dynamix in Carrollton. Clash of the Colleges will group scholars by college, military branch or career field to participate in team building activities and meet other incoming freshmen. Uplift alumni will also be there to answer questions and offer advice about life after high school. We hope this event will help our graduates make social connections and begin the process of building a new system of support. An email was sent out to all the seniors on May 5th with registration information. Please have your scholar reach out to their RTC office with any questions.

2. GradSnapp Registration

GradSnapp is a new website that helps scholars before their freshman year. Please confirm that your scholar has registered their account and completed the initial plans and final plan surveys. We use the responses from these surveys to determine how prepared they are academically, financially, and emotionally.

Once they are logged in, the site can connect them to the Alumni Success Team for help, connect with Uplift alumni at the same school or in the same city, and access resources such as job and scholarship opportunities, study resources, and time management tools.

3. Orientation Sessions

We encourage seniors to attend orientation sessions if possible. This will give your child an opportunity to meet other incoming freshmen, get a feel for life on a college campus and meet other incoming freshmen.

Some DFW area college orientations are as follows:

Texas Woman’s University – Friday, June 21-Saturday, June 22

University of North Texas – Monday June 24-Wednesday June 26

*Each freshman is also required to attend First Flight Week at the beginning of the semester. Please remind your seniors to plan for this as this will help them prepare for their first semester.

University of Texas at Arlington – Monday, June 24-Tuesday, June 25

University of North Texas at Dallas – Friday, June 28th

Tarrant County College Southeast – Friday, August 2

Tarrant County College Trinity River– Friday, August 16

4.Senior Final Meetings

Each campus hosts senior final meetings where scholars and their families receive a final overview of a scholar’s college plans. During the meeting an Uplift counselor reviews each scholar’s financial aid package, offers ideas to address financial any financial gaps and answers any additional questions. If your family has not been invited to a final meeting, please ask your scholar to set up a time with a counselor.

5. Pre-College Checklist

The GradSnapp resource center includes tips for surviving college, scholarship and job opportunities and our pre-college checklist. Have your scholar log into their GradSnapp Connect portal and locate the pre-college checklist on the Resources page under their “Other” tab. This checklist has everything scholars need to complete over the summer before stepping on to campus. Examples include selecting housing, signing up for orientation, completing necessary paperwork and much more.

6. Continue to Be Their Support System

Even if you do not see your scholar every day, you can still show them that you are always there to support them. Continue to ask how their day is, what classes they enjoy, what new friends they have made, something new they learned, what they learned about themselves, or things they accomplished. Having someone in their corner to encourage them will give them the motivation to keep going.

College is a journey, and like any journey your child will encounter unanticipated challenges. College campuses offer several resources to help students address challenges and continue along their journey. Parents can familiarize themselves with these resources and offer ideas for scholar support like, where to go for tutoring, the location and contact information for the financial aid office or connecting with activities of interest at the student activities department. The Alumni Success Team is always available to help scholars navigate the college landscape. Their information can be found below.

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Written by: Megan Sotelo 

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