Senior Spotlight: Andy Huynh

When Andy Huynh entered sixth grade at Uplift Summit for the 2012-13 school year, he couldn’t have imagined the impact the school would have on his life over the following six years. 

“I didn’t realize how the introduction to college at an early age would help set up my future,” Andy said. 

The role of the Road To College and Career (RTCC) program begins in sixth grade with introductory trips to area universities. When scholars get to high school the RTCC team is an invaluable support to scholars and families navigating the college application process. This was especially true for Hyunh and his family. 

“RTCC was very helpful, being the son of immigrants, my parents never went to college or any school In the United States. They were not familiar with the application process,” said Huynh. 

In combination with the RTCC program, the International Baccalaureate (IB) offers all Uplift scholars the opportunity to focus on current areas of interest while discovering new ones. Huynh always had an interest in biology and with the support of great teachers and IB’s hands-on approach to learning, Huynh’s interest in biology has only blossomed. IB scholars are also asked to learn important social, emotional and ethical skills that challenge them to become well rounded people and learners. Huynh recently developed a love for photography thanks to his involvement with the Uplift Summit yearbook, offering an important creative outlet. 

“At Summit they really helped me become creative and express myself knowing that I want to do something more STEM related in the future, but this is another side of me that allows me to be creative,” said Huynh. 

Being the oldest in his immediate family, Huynh feels the pressure of setting a good example for his sister in 10th grade at Uplift Summit Preparatory.  He recently set an example for all Uplift scholars during College Signing Day at AT&T Stadium. After receiving college acceptances from prestigious universities like Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Brown and Swarthmore, he publicly declared his decision to attend Harvard University in the fall. 

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