Demystifying the lottery at Uplift Education

The application and enrollment process for new families looks slightly different at Uplift Education than it does at a traditional school district, and we are often asked to clarify our process. In short, the application window for the 2019-20 school year begins December 1 and ends February 1. To have an equal opportunity for your scholar to be selected for an available space at one of our schools, go to and fill out a brief 1-page form. It’s that easy! Other answers to frequently asked questions can be found below.  

Uplift Education is a Public Charter School  

Uplift Education schools are high-performing, college preparatory, public charter schools held to the same standards as any public school in Texas. Our families never pay for an education at an Uplift school and the application and enrollment process is also completely free. Parents are not asked to provide financial information as part of the application process.  

No grade checks are required  

We run a blind lottery giving every child the same opportunity for a seat at an Uplift school. A scholar’s past academic record does not play a role in the admission and enrollment process. We believe every scholar deserves access to a high quality, college preparatory public education.   

Secure a spot for your scholar 

Applications received before February 1 gives families the best chance for acceptance. Below are the benefits of applying and receiving your admittance before summer.   

Prepare yourself for the next school year  

Families will be notified of acceptance mid-February. This allows parents time to prepare their scholar for the beginning of their scholar’s academic career at Uplift. We also offer many events leading up to the new school year that are beneficial to parents and scholars.  

Deadline for applications  

Our deadline to meet the lottery is February 1. After February, you may apply to join an Uplift school but will be placed at the end of the waitlist. Currently, for every scholar that has a seat there are 2 more scholars on the waitlist. We do however update our waitlist throughout the year and update parents when a space opens.   


If you would like to apply at an Uplift school for the 2019-20 school year, go to today, For answers to any additional questions please email and someone will respond to our inquiry.


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