Scholar Spotlight: William Horne

Uplift Summit International Preparatory scholar, William Horne, is giving back to his school by starting the Keep Summit Beautiful organization. Horne is on the Mayor’s Youth Commission, a platform for him to volunteer his time to his city and where he was introduced to the national nonprofit, Keep America Beautiful.

“I saw Uplift Summit as a place that was beautiful and should be kept beautiful, so I started my organization, Keep Summit Beautiful, to teach other scholars about liter-free places and recycling,” said Horne, Uplift Summit International junior.

As a freshman, Horne began to see volunteering as a commitment to his community. He is currently the elected Secretary of the Mayor’s Youth Commission and helps formulate new ideas to give back. He started the Keep Summit Beautiful organization on campus in August with a group of friends and has since grown to 12 scholars. Scholars meet every Thursday to do clean ups around campus. Their focus on community is bigger than just Uplift Summit, so they create campaigns for their campus to educate others on how you can help keep your campus liter-free and recycle to help the environment.

Horne continues to impact his community at Uplift Summit but has also expanded his contribution to his Arlington community. Recently, Horne adopted a highway in Arlington where he takes his organization, teachers and parents to give back by cleaning up.

“I adopted a highway because I wanted to not only make an impact at Uplift Summit but the metroplex and community around Uplift Summit. I wanted to show that you can make an impact anyway whether it’s at school, your community, your state or the world,” said Horne.

Horne exemplifies the International Baccalaureate (IB) trait, caring, with the service he provides at school and in his community. He plans to continue growing his organization and taking it with him as he moves on to college.

“Keep America beautiful is planning to expand its youth advisory council to college campuses since it is currently only in high school. I plan on bring this message that I started in high school to my college campus to strength it there,” said Horne.


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