Uplift Network-wide science fair!

The Uplift network-wide district science fair took place January 27 with the hard work of scholars, teachers, staff and volunteers. More than 231 scholars presented months of research, data and testing. Guest filled the UT Southwestern T. Boone Pickens Biomedical Building early Saturday morning for a full day of science. Many events took place throughout the day including parent breakout sessions, scholar sessions, robotics club, judging and the winner’s ceremony.

“The Uplift Science Fair supports the IB program, because it encourages scholars to develop their own research question and experiments. Additionally, the Science Fair develops crucial professional skills such as research, data collection, analysis, organization and public communication which will benefit scholars in college and the work place,” said Sophia Kwong, Director of IB Programming, Teaching & Learning.

Scholars presented projects during a one hour judging session. Judges from across the Uplift network as well as UT Southwestern student and volunteers interviewed scholars on their projects. Judges were provided with a rigorous rubric to follow and judge the many innovative projects.

Awards consisted of honorable mentions and first through third place winners and a STARS award.  Honorable mentions were given to scholars who exhibited creative thinking. First through third place winners are required to show in depth research and innovation. The STARS award winners are selected by UT Southwestern board members who look for an innovation out of the box science approach. Usually, one STAR award is given in each round but this year a total of 6 STARS awards were given.

DSC_0062Scholars were encouraged to continue to explore the path of science throughout their educational career. Lynn Tam, Assistant Director, STARS program invited scholars to apply to the UT Southwestern Internship Program this summer to continue their investment towards science.


A total of 108 primary project, 68 middle school project and 53 high school projects were submitted this year. The top three winners and honorable mentions will move on to the regional science fair. Scholars that are moving to regionals expressed their excitement and plans to better their project before the big day. We wish them all luck and hope to see our scholars placing at nationals!

Check out more science fair photos on the Uplift Education Facebook page.

Primary School–

1st Christian Ishida (5th, Uplift Heights)

2nd Ansuri Chinni (5th, Uplift North Hills

3rd  Arman Walimohammad (5th, Uplift North Hills)

Middle School –

1st  Sai Spoorthi Rallabandi (6th, Uplift North Hills)

2nd Sreeja Kuppam (8th, Uplift North Hills)

3rd Scott Nguyen (7th, Uplift Infinity)

High School –

1st Krishna Chandrasekhara (9th, Uplift North Hills)

2nd Peter Choi (9th, Uplift North Hills)

3rd Shalom Michael (9th, Uplift North Hills)

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