Uplift Scholar publishes novel at 13 years old

Sreeja Kuppam, an Uplift North Hills scholar,  published her first book on her thirteenth birthday. Ancient Dynasty Chronicle: The Untold Truth is a series of adventure, mystery, and suspense. The middle school scholar has always shown her passion for writing in class and at home.

“My parents didn’t expect me to write a book, but when they noticed that I was writing a lot, they really encouraged and pushed me to continue to write,” said Kuppam.

510PSyXgnJL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_The Ancient Dynasty Chronicles was written in the summer and took a mind of its own as she poured her creativity into the book. The characters were inspired by family members and the story was straight from her imagination. Last summer I was very bored and began to write down all my ideas; from there my book was created,” she said.

Her book was released on her thirteen birthday and she will continue to release the sequels on her birthdays to come.  Sreeja loves her school and will donate fifty percent of the proceed to Uplift North Hills. The other fifty percent will be donated to a research facility in Chicago that specializes in fertilization and genetics.

“The research program in Chicago helped my parents, and now I would like to give back to them. I have a passion for helping people,” said Kuppam.

Though Sreeja is a published author and will continue to write and publish books, she aspires to become a doctor to help those in need around her.

“I hope to one day get into Oxford, Harvard, or Stanford to peruse a career in the medical field. I was inspired by my pediatrician to help kids,” said Kuppam.

The Uplift North Hills scholar has a bright future ahead of her, and we are proud to have scholars who pursue their dreams and give back to their community as IB learners.

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