Weather Alert

Scholar safety is always a top priority, and as cold weather approaches there is an increasing chance of ice or snow that could close or delay Uplift schools. We have updated our school website homepages with new “Delays and Closings” buttons for better assistance.

The decision to close or delay schools begins the night before or early in the morning depending on the weather.  At the latest, families will be notified by 6:00 a.m. This decision is recommended by Uplift’s Regional Operations Directors and Chief Operating Officer who review weather and road conditions. Given that Uplift schools are located in various cities across North Texas, there is a chance that some schools delay or close while others do not.

All of these precautions are in place for the safety of your scholar. It is important that many lines of communication are available to you as soon as any weather decisions have been made. Therefore, information about delays or closings for Uplift schools are communicated in these ways:

  • On your school website homepage under Delays and Closings.
  • Local news outlets by 6:00 a.m. (NBC5 and Telemundo)
  • Text and emails through ParentLink.
  • Social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

For more information visit your Uplift School Homepage.

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