Men of Hampton celebrate women empowerment

Men of Hampton, a parent-led group at Uplift Hampton Preparatory, hosted the 6th annual Sister 2 Sister breakfast that celebrates women and educates young girls about the stages of growing up to become an empowered women.

Scholars and their mothers were invited to attend the Sister 2 Sister breakfast with a full day of workshops. Those who attended had the option of learning different topics such as yoga for the mind and spirit, etiquette, cyberbullying, self-esteem, food and emotions. These topics affect teens in different way as they begin to transition grade levels and in life.

“My favorite class was on emotional intelligence because I learned that I had a lot of emotional things going on in life, and I was taught how to channel my emotions and work through them,” said Maierria Gamble, sophomore at Uplift Hampton.

Many topics helped bring mothers and daughters together to strengthen their communication as teens as well as educate families on the importance of nutrition as teens go through the growing stages from middle school to high school.

“It was a great bonding event for women, but I learned the most from the food class especially pertaining to my daughter and how nutrition can affect her body during development,” said Imi Carroll, Uplift Hampton parent.

Men of Hampton create events for all scholars and focus on needs that they see within the community and schools. Previously Men of Hampton hosted an event for our young men and their fathers with related topics to those of the Sister 2 Sister Breakfast.

“Every event we have is planned and strategic to what our school and community needs whether that is self-esteem for girls, etiquette for boys or cyber bullying,” said Henry Wilson, Men of Hampton coordinator.

Scholars and parents said they left feeling connected and educated about topics that are difficult to navigate as scholars grow and develop.

“An event like this shows that our school cares about scholars, and they want us to be educated about ourselves as well,” said Destiny Singleton, senior at Uplift Hampton.

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