Uplift Mighty’s first graduating class!

Uplift Mighty Preparatory is excited to graduate its first class of seniors. Scholars have been preparing for senior year the past eleven years and as the first graduating class from an Uplift school in Fort Worth, scholars want to set the tone.

“We are setting the tone for other generations to come which is a little nerve-wracking, but it’s an exciting opportunity to leave my imprint as the first graduating class,” said Kaleb Coleman, senior at Uplift Mighty.

With years of preparation and dedication, ten seniors were accepted to Grambling State University during the first semester of school. Scholars at Uplift are introduced to the idea of college at an early age and prepared to reach goals of acceptance. Uplift Mighty scholars began visiting college campuses their freshman year of high school. With the help of Coach Toni Edwards, Uplift Mighty began taking scholars out of state to visit Edward’s favorite University, Grambling State.

“I have loved Grambling since high school. I learned about the High school Days three years ago and knew that I had to take my scholars there. They had never been on a college visit outside of Texas. We have taken freshman, sophomore and as we grow we add the juniors and seniors,” said Edwards, coach and engineering teacher at Uplift Mighty.

Scholars enjoyed visiting the campus and experiencing an out-of-state university. As they continued to visit every year, many scholars drew closer to the historically black colleges and universities environment.

“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and Grambling is an HBCU. I wanted to expand from my Mexican community and integrate somewhere else.  I also like the vibe we get from the students and student life,” said Julissa Estrada, senior at Uplift Mighty.

During MONTH, scholars were given a presentation by Grambling State University students who discussed college life, majors, fraternity/sorority life, getting involved on campus and applications.

“It is a competitive process because we are competing for a spot at a university, but being accepted early on definitely allows me to see what I need to work on as I continue to apply to other universities,” said Kaleb Coleman, senior at Uplift Mighty.

Uplift Mighty is well on its way to 100% college acceptance with ten out of thirty-nine scholars receiving acceptances the first semester of school. Watch as our scholars turn in more college applications along with peers across the nation during The National College March on December 8!

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