Uplift Luna Owls make their mark in Deep Ellum

Uplift Luna Secondary opened its doors in Deep Ellum in 2010. A neighborhood known for its music, food, tattoo shops, and an electric shops venues was an unlikely location for a school. Over the years, Uplift Luna Secondary has made a home in Deep Ellum and connected with neighborhood partners.  In 2016, the school celebrated its first class of graduating senior with 100% college acceptance.

Uplift Luna’s new Graphic Design class started their first semester with a project that gave them to opportunity to showcase their own outside of the building walls.  The Deep Ellum foundation reached out to our graphic design teacher, Aaron Garcia, with a proposition for Uplift Luna scholars to showcase their art. With graphic design taking off for the first year, Mr. Garcia thought it would be a great idea to inspire scholars to connect to the community.IMG_0311

“We were just starting to learn Photoshop and then we were approached with this task. We learned along the way, and Mr. Garcia guided us by showing us different skills. Throughout my high school career I debated what I wanted to do, and now since completing this project, I have an idea of what I want to do,” said Guadalupe Ledezma, 12th grader, Uplift Luna.  

Scholars  worked on an art pieces to display on banners in various areas of Deep Ellum. Their requirements were to showcase Deep Ellum’s history and how it has developed within the years. According to the Deep Ellum Texas website Deep Ellum is known for its historically significant neighborhood of immigrants and companies such as the Continental Gin Company and The Ford Assembly Plant. Deep Ellum later became known for its Music in the 1920’s and the Arts in 1990’s. With Deep Ellum, being the home of rich history, culture, and diversity, scholars went out into the neighborhood for inspiration.

IMG_0317“I’ve always been very passionate when learning about different cultures. Deep Ellum host so much diversity. They are all very nice to us in the area and understanding that we are in school. I wanted to make sure to display everyone from cooks to business owners, rockers, bikers and more. I wanted to show the unity that Deep Ellum has,” said Estrella Rojas, 12th grader, Uplift Luna.

Various pieces were created to share with a panel of teachers and administrators to narrow down options to present to the Deep Ellum Foundation. Four art pieces were selected that demonstrated a piece of Deep Ellum in a unique way. Banners were displayed all summer in the streets of Deep Ellum, and are now placed on a rotating calendar set to make an appearance again this year.

Our schools strive to develop scholars into global thinkers that are involved in their community. Thank you to the Deep Ellum Foundation for the opportunity to collaborate within the community!

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