Freshman Forward

As a college preparatory public charter school, Uplift  promotes a college-going culture for all scholars at an early age.  From kindergarten all the way through high school, college memorabilia and conversation about where to attend college are seen and heard all through the hallways.  At the beginning of Freshman Year, the Road To College Freshman Forward Program takes all incoming freshman to visit and receive their first university experience at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.


When crossing into their freshman year of high school, scholars begin to attain information that will benefit them for the upcoming years, leading into the college application process. The college application process can be challenging for many

scholars including those that are first generation college students. All Uplift scholars benefit from having individualized guidance from RTC counselors, and the experience to visit various colleges throughout their high school career is a benefits scholars as they make their future decisions.

During the visit, scholars  experienced  a lecture-style workshop, campus tour, and dining on campus. They were also introduced to an admissions counselor  and learned the benefits of making connections before you apply. During  a question and answer session from Uplift alumni, scholars  heard what to expect during the  four years of their high school career, leading into their college experiences. Scholars were engaged when alumni spoke about the difference in high school and college and the impact the preparation from high school can have on your academic career.IMG_0496

Scholars ended their day with an eye-opening activity and inspirational speech by April Bowman, founder of Bold Believers United. With a long road ahead, scholars are ready to hit the ground running freshman year as they begin to prepare their resume and grades for future college applications!

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