Telehealth in our schools

At Uplift, we seek to find the best programs and support for our families and scholars. In 2014 we welcomed Children’s Health school-based Telehealth program into our schools to better help and support our Uplift teams and families.

Telehealth is a school-based program that provides virtual consultations with a Children’s Health Pediatric Group physician for scholars who need medical attention that normally would require a visit to the doctor’s office.  Instead  scholars can receive all the benefits of visiting a doctor’s office at school while maintaining important more class time.  The program also supports parents with a no cost, fast and efficient way to help their child feel better. Telehealth can also provide a prescription to the scholar’s pharmacy for a quicker recovery.

“The best benefit about this program is that children have the opportunity to get to visit a doctor during a school day,” said Amy Bryant, Director of Health Services.

Telehealth can be found in 32 Uplift schools with the newest addition to Uplift Mighty, Uplift Meridian, Uplift Gradus, Uplift White Rock Hills, and Uplift Pinnacle Primary.

Visit your Uplift nurse’s office for more information or questions in regards to enrolling in Telehealth for your scholar the 2017-18 school year.

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