Teachers are heroes !

Our teachers are not only heroes in the classroom, they are heroes around the world. Kayla Barrett from Uplift Mighty traveled 8,870 Miles this summer where she volunteered with Globalteer at an elephant camp in Thailand to help save endangered wildlife. The Wildlife Sanctuary has 19 elephants that are rescued from trekking camps and offers visitors a positive hands on alternative so they can experience these animals without exploiting them.

According to the Globalteer website, elephants and elephant owners have an uncertain future since regulations banned the commercial lodging of elephants. The Thailand Elephant Sanctuary gives a safe home to elephants who have been rescued from a cruel existence. Ms. Barrett assisted in preparing food, walking, and bathing the elephants. With a hands on approach Ms. Barrett learned how to harvest food and composting.11

“I feel more capable than ever to take on challenges. This trip really motivated me to just go for my dreams,” Ms. Barrett said.

Though she went for the elephants Ms. Barrett had the opportunity to trade a day to learn about some other animals such as bears, slow lorises, turtles and even a three-legged cow named Simon Cowell.2

“There are hundreds of animals in the sanctuary and its amazing waking up to see elephants and hear roosters, gibbons and other exotic sounds all around you,” said Ms. Barrett.

Ms. Barrett made another part of the world a little better during her summer break.  Now she returns to continues to make the world a better place by educating our future.

“I want to teach the kids some Thai phrases I learned, but mostly I want to inspire them to go for their dreams and teach them that these types of experiences are achievable with determination and hard work,” said Barrett.

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