On The Road To Success

Our Road To College team supports and guides our scholars to and through college. This summer the RTC team hosted various events for parent and scholars at their future colleges. Scholars who will be attending TWU, UNTD, UTA and TAMU received a customized college tour by our RTC counselors and college staff.


Alumni were introduced to college programs that resemble those of Uplifts. These programs will help benefit our alumni throughout their college years. They also had the opportunity to meet various campus employees that will assist them with their transition into college life.

“With the Road To College team I wouldn’t have known about the resources available to me,” said Cindy Reyna, Uplift Peak alumnae.


Alumni also had the opportunity to interact with other campus alumni that will be attending the same college in the fall.

“It’s good that we get to meet other Uplift alumni that we might have in our class or that


we might see on campus,” said Vanessa Pena, Uplift Summit alumnae.


Though our scholars have graduated from our Uplift schools the Road To College program supports our alumni while in college with resources, financial aid assistance and advice.  At Uplift we build communities and connections for our scholars to continue support throughout their educational career and beyond.

To learn more about our Road To College program visit our Uplift website.

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