Aspiring Senior Ambassadors Program

Through the Aspiring Senior Ambassadors Program (ASAP) 54 of our 11th grade scholars underwent an application process to be selected for a  summer college trip to Boston and Philadelphia. Scholars were divided into two groups depending on their preference of colleges to visit.  During the trip they had the opportunity to tour the college and the city as well as meet admissions counselors.

“The application process was worth it to be able to have this experience,” said Destiny Mathews, Uplift Heights junior.

Scholars on the Boston trip visited Tufts University, Massachusetts Institution of Technology , Clark University , Worcester Polytechnic Institute , College of the Holy Cross , Boston University , Brandeis University , Babson College. They experienced first-hand the difference in college sizes and amenities offered by campuses. Visiting a college in person helped scholars think about certain accommodations they would like their campus to have when looking for a future college.

“Before going on this trip I was indecisive on going to a big or small school. Visiting schools in Philly with different sizes was very insightful and made me realize I don’t want to go to a small school but something in the middle,” said Jason Mendoza, Uplift Williams junior.

Scholars in Boston were also introduce to the Boston city-life by riding a subway and walking to all local areas. For prospective students it is also important to get to know the surroundings of their school.

“I like how Boston is a walking and biking city which is different from Dallas,” said Mathews.

Scholars on the Philadelphia trip were very excited about visiting colleges as well as trying an original philly cheesesteak! Scholars on the Philadelphia trip visited Swarthmore College, Lafayette College, Muhlenberg College, Haverford College, University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. For many scholars going to school outside of Texas was not an option or even on their mind. After visiting colleges outside of Texas, scholar felt that they were now more open-minded and ready to research colleges in various places of the world.

“For me it was helpful to see other type of universities since I hadn’t looked out of Texas” said Amanda la, Uplift Summit junior.

Scholars returned to Texas reuniting both groups at Austin College where they stayed for one night, shared their experiences, toured the college and participated in activities.

“The community dorms is a new experience and interesting since we have never lived in a dorm, but it gave us a first-hand experience before we go to college so we can keep that in mind,” said Amadea Wijayanto, Uplift North Hills junior.

Scholars also participated in a LIFE activity that taught them the value of their college degree and the impact it can have on their life. With four days of insightful information scholars are prepared to research and narrow down their school choice for a perfect match school as they get ready to begin their application process.

For more photos visit our Uplift Education Facebook page.

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