Uplift Scholars feel the LOVE

Southwest Airlines is known for the highest quality of customer service and ensuring that all passengers are treated with a sense of warmth and friendliness. Uplift juniors felt the Southwest love as they visited the corporate headquarters on a recent Career Exploration trip to learn about career opportunities beyond college.  3

“Southwest is not like any other corporation I have seen. It’s interesting to see [people of] different backgrounds coming together to form one main goal,” said Armando Delgado, Junior at Uplift Williams.

Scholars were given the opportunity to tour and explore the Southwest corporate headquarters, and experienced the fun-filled environment Southwest has created for their employees. They provide a unique spaces such as a bean bag area, life size chess, and a flight deck for employees to enjoy. Scholars loved learning about CEOs participation during holidays such as Halloween, which happens to be Southwest’s favorite holiday.

President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines Colleen Barrett took the time to speak to scholars about their future careers and the options at Southwest Airlines. They also received great advice on their future plans.

“The CEO really spoke to my heart by saying, You cannot let anyone take away who you are and to always be true to yourself,” said Marbel Sodeinde, Junior at Uplift Summit.

Southwest prepared a day filled with knowledge, career readiness and future-focused programs. Scholars were divided into groups that focused on different preparations in applying for a job.  One group focused on resumes and the importance structure, internships, work experience, and academics. Another group focused on interview styles by researching the company, top questions, showing confidence and attire. The last group focused on the importance of branding and how to brand yourself.

5Scholars also participated in “speed dating” where various departments had one representative share information about their work experience to a group of scholars. Scholars were able to move around to different table that interested them.

“I really like how students ask follow up questions, which shows they are truly engaged and interacting”, said Lauren Rose, recruiter at Southwest Airlines.

To end an eventful day at Southwest, scholars heard from various interns on their experience and current paths they are taking at their university. Interns range from sophomores in college to grad school students. They provided great advice and answered scholar’s questions.

“I love when students come to headquarters, because they get to learn that SWA is more than aviation and planes.”Amanda Hammond, Southwest intern.


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