Junior Career Explorer Trip

Junior Career Experience Trips were created to help guide and demonstrate to our junior class the possible job opportunities they could obtain after college. These trips consists of various companies including Fortune 500s. In March, scholars had the opportunity to visit Compass Health to explore various roles and interact with employees. They were given advice and motivated to set goals early on to achieve their greatest potential.

From these trips, junior scholars leave feeling motivated and ready to plan their future.

DSC_0198 (2)“I really didn’t know what to expect, but overall I got the feeling of being very welcomed here. I heard things that I needed to hear from another adult who went to college and has a career, instead of just my parents or teachers. In my family there is not a lot of them who have corporate jobs so it was nice to hear about it from someone in their career,” said Saray Rodriguez, junior at Uplift Hampton.

At Compass Health, juniors paired up with the information technology department, marketing, human resources, and customer service. All of these positions can lead and pertain to many career choices. Each employee shared their experience through college and choosing a career that was for them.

Chloe Stegeman, Associate Help Pro Consultant advised scholars, “Be ready to take on challenges. If you figure out something is not for you, it doesn’t shut doors it becomes a take away in life. Not everything is easy but building up a network around you will help you get through it. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges.”

Scholars felt at ease knowing that everyone makes mistakes and faces challenges. “I got to hear their mistakes and how they overcame them which made me feel better because we all have challenges in life,” said Rodriguez.DSC_0231 (2)

After job shadowing, scholars had the opportunity to have a Q&A panel with employees from
each department. Scholars were prepared and interested in college and career path advice.

“They have taught us through their personal experiences and have also made us think about college and future career goals,” said Axcel Mendoza, junior at Uplift Hampton.

Employees from Compass Health shared great advice like networking, time management, choosing a career you love, taking risks and maintaining a balanced life. They also shared their hobbies and side jobs that they are able to maintain when they keep a balanced life. Many employees get to enjoy their hobbies while working for the company, such as traveling.

I’m a person that really wants to travel and hearing about their traveling experiences through work was great,” said Michael Williams, junior at Uplift Hampton.

Overall scholars from Uplift Hampton experienced a global perspective visiting Compass Health.

“This trip is very beneficial and I would like to attend more. It exposed me to the real life world of careers and how different people take different paths to get her”, said Mendoza.


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