Fitness & Nutrition

At Uplift the importance of academics is one of the qualities we have instilled in our scholars. And while we know academics are very important we also like to have fun during our free time! Run Club at Uplift  was created last year to help bring fitness and nutrition information to scholars. The Run Club encourages scholars to participate in a healthy activity during and after school and educates them about fitness and nutrition at an early age. Scholars from first through fifth grade are able to participate in the Run Club.

img_9079This year scholars had a goal to run laps during Run Club and at home. The incentive for running was an opportunity to participate in the Cooks Children’s 5K part of the Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon. Uplift Infinity, Uplift Summit and Uplift Meridian participated this year with over fifty scholars. The Run Club began training in October for the 5k race. The race gave them motivation to keep running and to try to get better. Scholars enhanced their running time with consistent practice.

“It is important for a child to have something to do after school. Some kids have never done an outside sport or activity in a team setting.  We were able to get shirts made for our team so the kids were proud to wear it together,” said Christina Hicks, primary physical education teacher Uplift Infinity.16603129_1284620454951750_1452137170912887312_n

With the enrollment to run the 5K Cooks Children’s, Cowtown, and Sketchers provided scholars with a free pair of shoes for the race.

“I like that we got free sketchers to run in,” said Meea Arroyo, Uplift Infinity scholar.

Scholars also had the opportunity to learn about health and nutrition from the Cowtown representatives who came out to talk to scholars about staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy nutrition before and after the race.

“I learned that running makes your bones stronger and to always drink water to stay hydrated,” said Kayla Quintero, Uplift Meridian scholar.

Along with scholar and staff participation they also had parents who opted to run with their scholar.

“We had one first grade scholar that wanted to run in the marathon and his parents ran with him the whole way,” said Hicks.

Timg_9120here were more than ten parents who ran the race with their scholar.

“Parents came up to me to thank me for doing this for their child and for motivating them to run since we had parent and children who had never ran before or participated in an active extra-curricular activity,” said Hicks.

Overall scholars were excited to win their first medal for running the Cook Children’s 5k. They now look forwards to the next 5k and plan to continue training and encouraging others to join run club.

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