Tips for Parent Teacher Conference

At least twice a year, Uplift schools hold parent teacher conferences. These conferences play a critical role in establishing a good relationship with your scholar’s teacher. Careful preparation for this conference can help you get more out of the meeting and  an understanding on how you can help your scholar succeed in school. We’ve outlined four simple steps you can take that can help make these conferences more meaningful for your scholar, the teacher and yourself. Make sure to click the link to see sample questions you can ask!

Prepare for your Parent/Teacher conference early:
Keep a close eye on your scholars assignments and grades early in the year. Keep track of what your scholar excels on and where they struggle.

Review your scholar’s grades:
Check PowerSchool regularly and make note of questions or comments that may arise.

Gather questions for the conference:
Gather questions that have risen through the tracking of your scholar’s grades by talking to your scholar and checking PowerSchool. Summarize the most important points and bring them up at the meeting. [Click to see some great questions you can ask.]

Follow up after the conference:
It’s important to check in with your scholar and teacher long after the conference.Check to see how your scholar has progressed and keep the parent/teacher/scholar relationship strong.

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