Future Scientist: Uplift District Science Fair

The annual Uplift district science fair took place January 22 with the hard work of scholars, teacher’s, staff and volunteers .More than 135 science projects and 196 scholars presented their months of research, data and testing. More than 300 guest filled the UT Southwestern T. Boone Pickens Biomedical Building early Saturday morning. We had a full day of science with events happening throughout the day such as parent breakout sessions, scholar sessions, judging and winner’s ceremony.

Scholars set up their projects with a 1 hour judging session. We had Judges from across the Uplift network as well as UT Southwestern volunteer judge scholars’ hard work. With an extensive rubric to follow and many innovative projects, it was definitely a challenge to pick just one.

Awards consisted of 11 honorable mentions, 1st through 3rd place winners and a STARS award.  Honorable mentions were given to scholars who exhibited creative thinking. First through third place winners are required to show in depth research and innovation. The STARS award winners are selected by Stuart Ravnik from UT Southwestern.

“I am excited to be able to host the science fair as an opportunity to showcase real scientist in this beautiful building.” said Uplift Board Member Dr. Ravnik

Dr.  Ravnik, associate director for the STARS (Science Teachers Access to Resources) at UT Southwestern Medical Center and host of the science fair encouraged scholars to continue on the path of science. Dr. Ravnik invited scholars to apply to the UT Southwestern Internship Program this summer to continue their investment towards science.img_5882

There were a total of 90 primary project, 50 middle school project and 35 high school projects submitted this year. The top three winners and honorable mentions will move on to the regional science fair. Scholars that are moving to regionals expressed their excitement and plans to better their project before regionals. Primary scholars will present their project at TWU on April 8 and Secondary scholars will present at Fair Park February 25. We wish them all luck and hope to see our scholars at nationals!


1st – Bennett Yianan, Uplift Summit

2nd – Sarim Shaikh, Uplift North Hills

3rd – Jayce Moore, Uplift Summit

Primary IB Learner Profile Winners

Most Environmentally Caring- Sarim Shaikh, Uplift North Hills

Young Inquirer- Madison Maxey Green, Uplift Hampton

Most Reflective- Luke Chacko, Uplift Summit

Honorable Mentions

Jesse Ruval Caba, Uplift Heights

Steve Joseph, Uplift Infinity

Rehwa Nagalla, Uplift North Hills

Noah Mendoza, Uplift Luna

Remya Venkatarma, Uplift North Hills

Azeem Patel, Uplift North Hills

Xander DeLaPaz, Uplift Summit

Ayvelen Moore, Uplift Summit

Luke Chacko, Uplift Summit

Braxton Grant, Uplift Williams

Leah Chik, Uplift Triumph


1st – Arushi Agrawal and Rohin Agrawal, Uplift North Hills

2nd – Krishna Chandrasekhara and Peter Choi, Uplift North Hills

3rd – Kyonna Trieu, Uplift Williams

Honorable Mentions

Stefany Santos, Uplift Infinity

Rain Valades, Uplift Infinity

Judith James, Uplift Infinity

Hannah George, Uplift Infinity

Carlos Williams, Oscar Nieradka and Daniel Rios, Uplift North Hills

Riddhi Bora, Uplift North Hills

Mrigayu Ghosh and Noah Derrick, Uplift North Hills

Gautam Ramesh, Colin Choi and Max Stensen, Uplift North Hills

Bharathy Babu, Daniel Kim and Selma Elsway, Uplift North Hills

Hanvitha Muppidi and Vinisha Inaganti, Uplift North Hills

Celeste Kenyon, Andreah Rivera and Destiny Sosa, Uplift Peak


1st – Tayolr Jade Higgins, Mercy Obanigba and Brittany Chapman, Uplift Summit

2nd – Kerrthi Srilakshmidaran, Uplift North Hills

3rd – Sakshi Rani and Shreya Chauk, Uplift North Hills

Honorable Mentions

Iram Zamarippa, Uplift Williams

Lauren Pham and Tayler Pham, Uplift Summit

Noah Kim, Tejas Saboo and Abhinav Yarlagadda, Uplift North Hills

Sohan Gade, Alftab Shaik and Asim Sheikh, Uplift North Hills

Sarah Habib, Uplift North Hills

Smiriti Lamichhane, Uplift North Hills

Leslie Pera, Jacqueline Gamindo and Stephanie Salazar, Uplift Heights





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