Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas’ Youth of the Year 2017

Uplift Williams’ scholar Cindy Leija has been named the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas’ Youth of the Year 2017.

nThis past December, executives from the Boys & Girls Club and corporate partners served as judges for the Youth of the Year competition to interview and hear the stories of several youth from different locations. Various students from the Dallas area participated in this competition. Cindy was selected by Uplift Williams’program manager Amanda Ramirez to represent the school at this competition.

“I nominated Cindy because she is the perfect example of a leader and mentor for the younger youth,” said Program Manager Amanda Ramirez.

Cindy has been involved with the Boys & Girls Club since sixth grade. She remembers the Boys & Girls Club being there during good and bad times. Cindy said she has grown with the Boys & Girls Club and has received unconditional support to pursue her dreams. She is a part of various Boys & Girls programs such as Collegiate Steps, how to manage money, preparing for college and tutoring students from various grade levels.

“I like that you feel safe and you meet so many friends as well as people who are there for you every step of the way,” said senior Cindy Leija.i

The next step is for Cindy to compete for Youth of the Year title of North Texas, State of Texas, regionally and then nationally to potentially become the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Youth of the Year. Throughout each stage of the competition Cindy will have the opportunity to win scholarships and many more amazing experiences. Cindy has already been awarded a $4,000 scholarship by being named the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas’ Youth of the Year 2017.

“Overall I look forward to gaining a great experience through networking and creating connections with the opportunity to have others look up to me. I would like to use this opportunity to help others become Youth of the Year and represent our organization as I am today,” said  Cindy.

Cindy will continue this journey in the competition in hopes of becoming Boys & Girls Club National Youth of the Year.

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