Uplift Education Fall Festivities


As the weather drops and the leaves begin to brown, campuses across the Uplift Education host annual fall festivals, each with their own unique flair! Uplift Summit International Preparatory hosted their 8th International Fall Festival which had a phenomenal turnout of parents, scholars, and community volunteers. The purpose of the International Festival was to encourage families of all backgrounds to come on to the campus with their best culinary dishes, cultural garments, and dances.

“Food helps everyone understand a little more about each other, and having this event enables not only our students, but their parents to connect with each other as well,” said Uplift Summit Community Liaison, Vernetta Willis.

Staying true to the international theme of the festival, there were many cultural performances from karate performances, African drumming and sing-alongs, and Middle-Eastern styled group dances. The last main attraction was the haunted house, which led brave scholars through a forest filled with upper-class drama students who pulled out all the stops to jump out or creep out all participants.

Uplift Heights Primary Preparatory brought its own ideas to the table with their West Dallas Community Fair. The idea started when Uplift Heights deans Loren Colman and Suzanne Weathers brainstormed ways to bring Uplift Heights together with the community, churches, and local businesses. The goal of the festival was to ingratiate Uplift Heights with the community as a positive presence. The idea became reality when multiple partnerships were created and reached out to offer their support. Scholars and their parents poured into the Uplift Heights Primary parking lot and were met with two inflatable obstacle courses, a live DJ, and a dunking booth to cool off their teachers. Scholars also got the chance to have their face painted, win delicious pastries from the cake walk, and play fair-style games with members of the community.

The same vibe was felt at Uplift Luna Secondary’s Luna Fest. Because of its location in Deep Ellum, shop owners from around the area also stopped in to engage with the scholars and staff and take in the festival sights and attractions. Luna Fest drew in attendees with a long line of parent-made food, Henna art tattoos, and a bounce house for the younger patrons.

While each school had their own unique festival, they were all part of connecting back to Uplift’s mission of creating well-rounded globally-minded scholars. No matter which festival you attended, you saw scholars communicating with members of their community, engaging in positive dialogue and broadening their knowledge on cultures and careers around the DFW.

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