Scholar Spotlight: Leslie Eguizabal

Uplift Heights scholar Leslie Eguizabal secured her first internship this summer. The junior applied for the Dallas Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program and was hired by Uplift Education’s Road To College team.

“It’s hard work. You can’t take money for granted,” said Eguizabal.

The junior was one of three Uplift Education interns through the Dallas Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program. The teen also assisted other departments like development, special operations and many more. Eguizabal worked on researching fly-in programs for several universities.

Although she learned the ins and outs of education, Eguizabal said her career path is not in education but in the medical field.

The experience was rewarding because it allowed Eguizabal to learn what she likes to do. The teen advises other scholars to apply for the program in the Spring.

“You never know if you’re going to find something your absolutely great at,” said Eguizabal, “or you might go into something that you think you want to do and realize that you don’t after interning.”

The teen attributes her successful interview to Ms. Lyons, Road To College counselor at Uplift Heights. Ms. Lyons helped take Eguizabal through a mock interview and prepare her resume. The RTC counselor also provided the teen with feedback on how she could improve her interview and secure the job.

20160801_134710Eguizabal advises scholars to apply for the program. It is a rewarding experience, she said.

At the conclusion of the summer internship a luncheon is held for students and employers of the program. Eguizabal and fellow Uplift scholars in the program attended. Scholars heard from previous interns who reflected  how their experience helped prepare them for a career. Lorena Watson, class of 2008 and 2009 from the Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program recalled telling then mayor, Tom Leppert she wanted to be mayor. Watson now a college graduate said she has since changed her mind but the internship gave her perspective on what she wanted to be. She asked students to take in all the knowledge possible in their last days at their internship and continue to foster their relationships with their supervisors.

Eguizabal hopes to be able to participate again next year and possibly get an internship in the medical field. The Dallas Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program is open to Dallas and Richardson students. Applications for summer 2017 will be accepted until January 31, 2017.



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