Scholar Spotlight: Jacqueline Camarillo

Uplift Heights scholar Jacqueline Camarillo wants to help people. She aspires to be a pediatrician. Camarillo said there is only one thing that holds her back, her timidness. It is something she wanted to overcome this summer.

The junior’s Road To College counselor advised her to apply for the Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program. The program offers high school students from Dallas an opportunity to get an internship during the summer in various fields. Students attended a job fair in the spring, where they were interviewed by several employers.

Camarillo admits she was nervous and almost backed out. She said she did not think she would be hired because she is quiet and shy. But with the encouragement of her RTC counselor, Ms. Lyon she went on five interviews.

“She helped me become more confident in myself,” said Camarillo.

The scholar was hired by Uplift Education’s Road To College team. During the summer Camarillo learned about logistics for RTC trips, event planning and helped different departments at Uplift Education’s central management office.

Although the teen said what she learned most was about herself.

“I like doing work that is hands-on not starring at a computer,” said Camarillo.

The junior was also able to break out of her shell and hopes next year she will be able to get an internship in the medical field.

Camarillo advises scholars to take advantage of opportunities like this because it teaches responsibility and establishes a good work ethic.

“Never give up on what you want to do. Go for it!” said Camarillo.

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