Alumni Spotlight: Teresa Rodriguez

Uplift Williams class of 2012 alumni Teresa Rodriguez graduated this May with her bachelors in Psychology from Texas A&M Commerce.

The college graduate is working as a mentor during the summer. Rodriguez calls students three times a week to ensure students are on track to graduate. The program works with middle school and high school students from the San Antonio area.

The program provides reassurance and guidance similar to Uplift Education’s Road to College; a program Rodriguez said helped her excel in college.

“Till this day I thank them because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here,” said Rodriguez.

She is the first one in her family to attend and graduate from college. Rodriguez saw her college peers without the support she had have trouble adjusting to the college rigor.

“I definitely saw the difference,” said Rodriguez, “I hung out with people who did not have a clue about going to class early or basically putting your priorities straight and Uplift Williams really did do that for me.”

Rodriguez plans to pursue graduate work in the fall. She still recalls being a senior at Uplift Williams unsure of what her major would be or the college she would attend. Years later her younger sister is following in her footsteps. Rodriguez’s sister will be a senior at Uplift Williams next school year.

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