Scholars become entrepreneurs

Several Uplift primary scholars learned first hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Schools such as Uplift Meridian, Uplift Mighty, Uplift North Hills , Uplift Summit and Uplift Luna took part in national Lemonade Day.

Students across the country sign-up to participate in Lemonade Day, a free event to teach children how to start, own and operate their own business. The organization provides participants with a Lemonade Day Entrepreneur Workbook and students hit the ground running.

Scholars began planning in February for Lemonade Day on May 7, forming small groups on each campus and deciding how they would make their lemonade unique.

“We put lavender and mint in our lemonade so it would be refreshing because we all play sports,” said  Gedeon Bring, 4th grader at Uplift North Hills. Bring and his team the Terrific Sports Players won the best tasting lemonade at North Park Center.

Groups from across the network prepared their business plan where they indicated the cost for their items, branding, marketing and what they would do with their profits. The scholars presented it to investors (parents, teachers or community members) which provided them with the capital to launch their business.

“It is a good opportunity to have fun with the scholars, and it tied into our financial literacy lesson plan,” said Kaitlin Cavazos, 4th grader teacher at Uplift Meridian.

Lemonade prices ranged from $1 to $2, and many groups decided to sell baked goods to entice more buyers and drive-up sales.

“It’s not just what you sell that you profit but you have to pay people back,” said Nikhil Kurella, 4th grader at Uplift North Hills.image1

Scholars not only used their math skills but exhibited the IB profile of communicators, thinkers, risk-takers and caring as they picked nonprofits to donate their profits.

“My favorite part was that we got to talk to people and earn money for the animal shelter,” said Jack Murray, third grader at Uplift Meridian.

Scholars who participated this year are already planning and excited for next year’s lemonade day.

“It takes a lot of work but preparing for it is fun,” said Pamela Hernandez, 4th grade scholar at Uplift Meridian.




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