Senior Spotlight: Kriti Sinha

KritiName: Kriti Sinha

Uplift School: Uplift North Hills

College: University of California-Berkeley, Cornell and Duke

Major: Environmental Engineering

Heather Pereira, Uplift North Hills director describes the Sinha as trailblazer, astute, diligent, driven, personable, and creative student.

Sinha has been highly active on campus, developing a club to empower struggling math students and the Terra Nova Club, an ecological awareness and conservation club. With the Terra Nova club alone, Sinha has impacted her whole campus (Kindergarten to 12th grade) 1,600 scholars. Sinha stands out artistically as well, she is one of the standout artists of the International Baccalaureate Art program and has managed to develop an extensive portfolio while remaining North Hill’s 2016 class Valedictorian.

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