Teachers Spotlight: Ms. Balina, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Rose

Feb 2016 013Our schools do not just teach scholars about the IB learner profile traits, they exemplify them.

Teachers Ms. Balina, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Rose from Uplift Williams Primary opened their hearts and demonstrated what caring is all about. When Ms. Balina heard the tornado on December 26 hit Shields Elementary in Red Oak she jumped into action. Ms. Balina reached out to her colleagues and asked if any of them would be interested in going with her to help the displaced school staff  and students move to an abandoned middle school.

The three teachers didn’t think twice about it. The group headed to Red Oak with their sleeves rolled up and their Uplift Williams shirts on. The teachers helped clean furniture and organize classroom supply donations.

“It was for the children.  We wanted to help them  and our fellow educators.  It is important to give a helping hand and even though it’s a bad situation, it is not the end,” said Ms. Balina, a former teacher in the Red Oak area.

Ms. Balina, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Rose became known as the the “W” women for their Uplift Williams shirts.

Former students and parents recognized Ms. Balina from her days as a preschool teacher. The now librarian at Uplift Williams was happy to see them and know she was helping them rebuild their school.


It took a week to get the former middle school up to code and ready for students and staff to return on January 6.

Ms. Balina, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Rose received a “Thank You” video from staff and students at Shields Elementary after first week of school.

“As an educator this makes me feel good about myself,” said Ms. Reyes.

The teachers add it is important for teachers and parents to teach scholars to give back.

“Teach your kids it is important to give back, give selflessly to others because every little bit counts,” said Rose.

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