Uplift celebrates National School Counseling Week

Uplift celebrates the work of social counselors and Road to College counselors network wide during National Counselors Week from February 1-5.  National Counselors week was established to recognize the tireless efforts of counselors across the country in public schools.

At Uplift, teams of counselors provide both emotional and mental support for scholars as well as academic guidance and hands-on college preparation.

Social counselors focus on the social, emotional and mental health of our scholars from primary to high school. Our social counselors are highly qualified and implement a Comprehensive Counseling Program in all Uplift Schools.  They are available to provide a wide range of mental health services including individual and group counseling, crisis intervention and a full K-12 psychoeducational Guidance Curriculum to all scholars.  The team also assists with family social needs, including referring students and families to outside resources, services and treatment providers when longer term mental services or diagnostics are required.  Social Counselors do not diagnose mental health concerns in Uplift Schools, however they are available to help screen scholars for mental health conditions and are happy to coordinate care with outside providers.  Please contact your child’s Social Counselor for more information!

Español: https://youtu.be/4gIIw-iFqu8

Road to College (RTC) counselors focus on academics, assisting with college applications, FAFSA, scholarships, grades and persistence to college graduation.

In addition, Uplift has alumni counselors at full K-12 campuses. These counselors work with alumni after their high school graduation to up through their college graduation.

In middle school, scholars begin to visit colleges and universities and begin to deeper their knowledge of life after high school.

Español: https://youtu.be/gxy4612p8Q8

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