Dallas City Council approves Uplift’s land permit for a new campus in South Dallas

On Wednesday, Dallas City Council voted to approve Uplift Education’s application for a Specific Use Permit for the Uplift Pinnacle Destination School in southern Dallas.  The new campus will be a 6-12th grade extension to the K-5 Uplift Pinnacle campus currently also located in southern Dallas.

“We are very grateful to have the City Council’s approval to build a secondary campus for Uplift Pinnacle to serve the upcoming middle school scholars.  We are excited that the scholars who we have been educating at Uplift Pinnacle for the last five years will continue to go to school with their peers.  Equally we are appreciative that parents will continue to have choices available to them on which school is the best fit for their children and their family,” said Yasmin Bhatia, Uplift Education CEO.

Uplift had been evaluating multiple sites over the years and entered into a contract to acquire the site at I-35 and Camp Wisdom that has been empty for 30 years. Uplift had been unanimously approved by the City Planning Commission and had the full support of City staff.

“During the past few weeks, the tone of the discussion tried to pit traditional districts against public charters.  We know that public charters and ISDs can co-exist and collaborate because of our strong partnership with Grand Prairie ISD.  In the spirit of partnership, Uplift will uphold the compromise proposed and publicly commit to not open any additional schools in the southern sector for the next three years.  We commend DISD for their work to provide more choice schools and want to provide time for these changes and other key initiatives to take hold.  We believe all kids win when there are strong public schools—traditional and public charter,” Bhatia said.

Uplift Education opened Uplift Pinnacle five years ago and currently serves 550 students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.  The demographics of the student body reflect those of their peers in the community 81% qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch, 74% are Hispanic, 23% are African American and 7% receive special education services.  Construction for the new building will being in May, and the new school will open in fall of 2017-18 for current Uplift Pinnacle scholars who will enter into the sixth and seventh grades.


About Uplift Education

Uplift Education is a is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating a network of 34 tuition-free, college preparatory, public charter schools in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Grand Prairie and DeSoto on 17 campuses. Uplift Education schools provide a rigorous, multidisciplinary curriculum, with an emphasis on college preparation.  Uplift Education educates nearly 14,000 students, with the majority being low-income and minority students who will be the first in their family to attend college.  Uplift schools are public schools — students are selected by a blind lottery with no information collected on their past academic performance.  For more information, visit uplifteducation.org or facebook.com/uplifteducation.


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