Uplift Science Fair

DSC_0045Months of scholar research, trials and data culminated at the annual Uplift Science Fair.

Over 200 scholars from all campuses across Uplift Education took part in the network-wide Science Fair on Saturday.  A total of 163 projects from all grade levels filled the UT Southwestern T Boone Pickens Biomedical building.

“Science Fair is a great place for scholars to practice critical thinking and communication, because they are asking original questions, making predictions, designing investigations, analyzing the results, and drawing conclusions,” said Sophia Kwong, Uplift Education IB Coordinator.

Uplift North Hills freshmen, Sohan Gade and Aftab Shaik won first place for the high school division. The two explored solar energy.

“There’s a green revolution going on and the sun has so much energy.  Why isn’t it being used everywhere?” Gade asked.DSC_0097

With that question in mind, the pair researched  solar energy for two months, and then began their trials. The scholars looked into the downfalls of using solar energy and researched the various ways to transform solar energy into a sustainable source of energy.

The two will move on to the Beal Bank Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair on February 27.

“Even though we won, the experience was better than winning,” said Gade.

Stuart Ravnik, associate director for STARS (Science Teachers Access to Resources) at Southwestern Medical Center and host of the Science Fair advised all students moving on to the regional science fair, to continue to do more research and trials before the competition. Ravnik is also a member of the Uplift Education board.

DSC_0050Uplift Heights sophomores, Isabel Ibarra, Hannah Maldonado and Julio Gamez won honorable mention for their project Shine Bright and plan to follow Ravnik’s advice to continue research before the regional fair.  The group has been using egg shells to examine at the discoloration caused by sodas.

Before regionals the team plans to use baby teeth that Ibarra’s mom had kept from when she was a child to test the levels of discoloration.

“Since we got this far we are going to improve the project,” said Ibarra.

At first, the Uplift Heights Secondary scholars thought the project would be a great way to get extra credit but did not think they would make it as far as they did.

“I’m very proud of them,” said Monica Gaines, Uplift Heights chemistry teacher. “They have been the most proactive group working on [their project] during lunch time and texting during winter break.”

The group decided on their project after learning that projects had to be something that would help the community.

According to IB, science education should focus on the application of scientific concepts in everyday life, Kwong said.

“We got ideas from the judges on how to make our project better, we are going to do our project over and have different trials,” said Maldonado.

There were a total of 98 primary projects, 54 middle school projects and 41 high school projects submitted. The top three winners and honorable mentions from each will move on to the regional science fair.

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2016 Uplift Science Fair Results


1st Sai Rallabandi, Uplift North Hills

2nd Riya Ramesh,  Caitlyn Craig, and Abby Shaub Uplift North Hills

3rd Christian Ishida, Uplift Heights

Honorable Mentions

Bryson Flournoy, Uplift Hampton
Kohin Padayatti, Uplift Infinity
Vanessa Kirk, Uplift Infinity
Gabriela Aguilar, Uplift Luna
Jack Murray, Uplift Meridian
Samita Shetty, Uplift North Hills
Braxton Grant, Uplift Williams
Diego Rivera, Uplift Williams

Primary School IB Learner Profile Winners 

Most Environmentally Caring: Himesh Anumala, Uplift North Hills

Young Inquirer: Leah Chik, Uplift Triumph

Most Reflective: Zaine Brobbey, Uplift Grand

Best Communicator:  Ellie Camarillo, Uplift Summit

Scientific Risk-Taker: Emily Geevarghese, Uplift Infinity

Stars Winner

Bennett Ylanan, Uplift Summit

Khushi Chauk, Uplift North Hills


1st Akil Manivannan, Uplift North Hills

2nd Krishna Chandrasekhara, Uplift North Hills

3rd Omo Idumah, Uplift Summit

Honorable Mentions

Hananeel Pankaj and Hanani Panka, Uplift Grand
Jordan Higgins, Uplift Hampton
Alexa Espinosa and Gissel Diaz, Uplift Heights
Anvi Bora, Uplift North Hills
Liza Frolova and Anna Leo, Uplift North Hills
Jaishri Ramesh, Uplift North Hills
Sushruti Vasireddy, Uplift North Hills
Sindhuja Darisipudi and Vaani Vedula, Uplift North Hills
Christine Ramos, Sigyan Ghimire, and Micaih Tesfa, Uplift North Hills
Angel Plaza and Isaac Giroh, Uplift Peak
Gabriela Nunez, Uplift Peak
Arian Tashakori, Uplift Summit
Guadalupe Mora, Uplift Williams

Stars Winner

Akil Manivannan, Uplift North Hills

High School

1st Sohan Gade and Aftab Shaik, Uplift North Hills

2nd Sarah Habib, Uplift North Hills

3rd Ashley Sanchez, Uplift Summit

Honorable Mentions

Alham Koul, Uplift North Hills
Ishaan Manohar, Uplift North Hills
Jose Alcala, Uplift Summit
Shamsah Hossain, Michela Banks and Mariana Ruiz Lua, Uplift North Hills
Puja Nayak, Uplift North Hills
Blake Pope, Uplift Summit
Andrew Bogdan, Uplift North Hills
Mikel Cardiel and Miguel Martinez, Uplift Summit
Isabell Ibarra, Hannah Maldonado and Julio Gamez, Uplift Heights
Getsebereket Aredo, Jacqueline Viera and Carla Perales, Uplift Heights
Jose Flores and Maritza Mora, Uplift Williams

Stars Winner

Sohan Gade and Aftab Shaik, Uplift North Hills

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