Discovery Project: Scholars discover themselves

Uplift Infinity scholars were dressed to the nines to attend the Wyly Theater to see A Christmas Carol.


The scholars are part of Project Discovery, a program by the Dallas Theater Center which provides high school students with an in-depth theater experience.

Abel Flores has been the theater teacher at Uplift Infinity for three years. Flores applied for Uplift Infinity to take part in the program after a fellow colleague at Uplift Summit International Preparatory suggested it would be a great experience for his scholars.

“I want them to experience something outside of their cultural norm, I wanted something outside of what they usually do, to ignite something in them,” said Flores.

Uplift Infinity was selected to be part of the program last year. The school receives 20 tickets for scholars to attend about six or more plays per school year. The program was an opportunity several scholars had been wanting, Salvador Rodriguez, a sophomore, said.

For many of the scholars it was the first time they attended a theater play. It has been an opportunity for those who have a love for theater to explore the careers that could be available to them.

“We were so thankful because before we didn’t have much theater, our school was mainly about sports,” said Taylor Bumberger a sophomore.

Flores, who has taught at the school for three years brought up the idea of Project Discovery with scholars last year.

“After our first taste, we were hooked we have now been to about nine or 10 shows,” said Bumberger.

PD1The program has entered its second year at Uplift Infinity and scholars said it has allowed them to be themselves,  and form a community of theater lovers.

On show days, scholars rush to Flores’ class to prepare for a night out at the theater. Scholars read the play-bill before heading out and discuss the possible topics the play will touch on.

Each year there is different theme, Flores said.

The scholars attend the plays alongside Nimitz High School students. Prior to the play students meet the actors and take part in a learning exercise.

“After each performance we are able to ask the actors questions it really creates an atmosphere were we are able to be worry free,” said Aden Jemaneh a sophomore.

Rodriguez who has been in the program the last two years said this year the group is learning more about the history of theater. 

Scholars have about six more plays to attend before the end of the spring semester. Schools must reapply each school year to continue in the program. Uplift Hampton, Uplift Summit, Uplift Luna are just some of our Uplift schools to take part in the program.




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