Alumni Spotlight: Theresa Reyes

Theresa studied abroad in China during her junior year.
Theresa studied abroad in China during her junior year.

Theresa Reyes, senior at College of the Holy Cross

Uplift High School and Year Graduated

Uplift Peak, 2012


What was the most useful part of the Road to College program?

The most useful part of the Road to College program was definitely all our road to college guidance counselors who were with us every step of the way! If it weren’t for them I would have not applied to the great amount of schools I did, I would have not had any idea where to start on my college application process, and most importantly wouldn’t have realized how important the next four years were going to be after high school. Now in college, I am definitely much more independent, but realize I continue to have their unconditional support. When it comes to filling out my FAFSA or CSS profile, for example, I can simply shoot them a text message and they are always willing to help.

What advice do you have to graduating seniors?

The advice I would give to graduating seniors would be that they worked so hard to be where they are, so to not give up now. Sometimes we might think things get difficult, but that should only make us work harder. We want to be able to say we made it and not only make those who have always supported us proud but also to prove to ourselves that we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. Be more than a role model to others, be the person you have always dreamed of being.

What has been your most rewarding/memorable college experience?

I wouldn’t be able to choose one specific college experience that I felt was rewarding, because I would honestly say that everyday in college has been a reward for me. From the day I left home to attend an amazing school like Holy Cross I feel as if this was a reward in itself. To be so far from home, I was able to realize of how much I was capable of on my own. I became much more independent, met amazing people with different backgrounds and customs, have had the opportunity to travel new parts of the world, and most importantly have stepped up to take organizational roles I never thought possible.

What activities/clubs/internships are you involved with?


I am involved in many clubs on campus, for example, M.E.Ch.A (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan), S.P.U.D (Student Programs for Urban Development), S.A.B.A.R (Student Advisory Board for ALANA Recruitment), Outreach, and L.A.S.O (Latin American Student Organization). M.E.Ch.A is a new organization I helped integrate on campus, which I will be one of the upcoming co-chairs for. For this organization, our goal is to develop a strong support base for student’s academic, cultural, and social needs while raising the political, social, and cultural consciousness of our community. For S.P.U.D I have volunteered at a daycare and elementary school, helping children with homework or playing with them during free time. For S.A.B.A.R I host high school seniors for a weekend so that they have a feel for what Holy Cross is all about, and similarly, for Outreach, I talk with high school students in the Admissions office to answer any questions they might have or give them my experiences of being a student at Holy Cross. In L.A.S.O we help plan events on campus to inform students on Latin American culture and traditions.

 What are your plans for the future? Are you currently employed? If so, where?


As of now, I’m not exactly sure what plans I have for the future, but I certainly know i want to work with children, possibly in a medical environment, involving some type of support or guidance. However, currently I am working as an Uplift Alumni Coordinator being of support to alumni and helping to brainstorm new ideas to build a stronger alumni network. Additionally, throughout the academic year I work two work-study positions, one in dining services and another as a secretary at a women’s shelter.

I want to thank Uplift for the immense amount of support they hand out to alumni and the continuous hard work they put into making sure that scholars know how important college is and not leaving us to handle it on our own.

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