Dr. Howard Fuller, Rep. Rafael Anchia join Uplift employees at convocation

Yasmin Bhatia and Dr. Howard Fuller
Yasmin Bhatia and Dr. Howard Fuller

Uplift Education kicked off the 2015-16 school year with Dr. Howard Fuller, Distinguished Professor of Education, and Founder/Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This year, Uplift welcomed nearly 1,700 educators, leaders and support staff to the Music Hall at Fair Park for a convocation celebration on July 20.

Dr. Fuller’s career includes many years in both public service positions and the field of education.  He founded the Institute to support exemplary education options that transform learning for children, while empowering families, particularly low-income families, to choose the best options for their children.

“Dr. Fuller’s work in education and civil rights is extensive and inspiring.  We’re excited to have him share his life’s work with returning and new Uplift employees,” CEO Yasmin Bhatia said.

Yasmin presented both Dr. Fuller and State Representative Rafael Anchia with the Champion for Education Awards. Rep. Anchia was an essential part of helping high growth public charters like Uplift get on the same payment schedule as similar sized-traditional ISDs.

Yasmin Bhatia and Rep. Rafael Anchia
Yasmin Bhatia and Rep. Rafael Anchia

Two new Uplift campuses, Uplift Gradus Preparatory and Uplift Lee Preparatory, will open on August 4 in Desoto and Grand Prairie.  Uplift Gradus will educate Pre-K through 2nd grade students and grow to serve Pre-K- 5th grades.  Uplift Lee Preparatory will educate K-2 and   will be housed inside Grand Prairie ISD’s Lee Elementary and is part of Education Energized (E2) an in-district charter partnership, unique to North Texas.

The partnership represents the first time in North Texas that a charter school network and an independent school district will formally work together to promote student learning. Both school programs will share space and resources while continuing to run their existing programs. GPISD offers dual-language classes at the school, while Uplift will introduce an International Baccalaureate (IB) guided program to families. In addition to sharing resources, teachers will participate in joint training, and school leaders and administrators will problem solve together with the end goal of accelerating learning for all students.

“There is no question that by combining our strengths, we can create new ideas for empowering student achievement in our schools. We know what we do well, but we expect that as we are leading our scholars to great outcomes, we will also learn important lessons from Grand Prairie ISD. It’s a huge win for all of us,” Ms. Bhatia said.

For the coming school year Uplift with educate 14,000 students in 34 school on 17 campuses across Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Grand Prarie and DeSoto.

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