Jonathan Beltran: Uplift Summit International Preparatory

Jonathan Beltran is a senior at Uplift Summit International Preparatory.  Jonathan has learned many valuable lessons throughout high school that he will carry with him as he gains independence in college.  

Future College:

Babson College or the University of Texas at Arlington

Awards, honors or scholarships:

A/B honor roll, AP Scholar with Distinction, Science Fair

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in school?

Don’t let people’s preconceived ideas of you dictate who you’re meant to be. There are a lot of people not just in high school but in life that will always try to subtly or not so subtly, attempt to measure your success through the use of overused stereotypes; race, gender, economical background etc. High school taught me that is more than possible to overcome each and every naysayer, simply by working hard, keeping your head down, your hopes up, and most importantly letting loose every now and then maybe be having a little dance session to your favorite song.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in school?
My greatest accomplishment in school is the fact that I made it this far in life. When I was in tradional public schools, teachers, as well as students had a very closed minds when it came to talking about the future. They let the fact that I’m Hispanic judge how I would turn out to be in the future. I’m glad that I got to meet those people, as they were the ones that helped me change my mindset and to try to excel in anything I wanted to do and to this day, I stay true to this.

How have the RTC program/counselors supported your journey to college?
The RTC counselor’s have always answered any and every of my seemingly never ending questions about the college admissions process. Even with a simple smile the counselor’s have managed to always make me feel like I was headed in the right direction.

What are you most excited about for college?
The thing that I’m most excited about for college is that I will be able to experience freedom and responsibility, which are important aspects that I need in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.


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