Lorraine Cruz: Uplift North Hills Preparatory

l.cruzLorraine Cruz is a currently a senior at Uplift North Hills Preparatory. This fall, Lorraine will head off to College Station to become a part of the freshman class of 2015 at Texas A&M University. Lorraine has excelled at Uplift North Hills Prep, becoming an AP Scholar with Honors, a semifinalist for a Dell Scholarship, a National Hispanic Scholar and receiving a Regents Scholarship (TAMU).

Future college: Texas A&M University – College Station

Awards, honors or scholarships:
National Hispanic Scholar
Dell Scholarship – Semifinalist
AP Scholar with Honor
Regents Scholarship (TAMU)

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in school?
Don’t let people’s preconceived ideas of you dictate who you’re meant to be. There are a lot of people not just in high school but in life that will always try to subtly or not so subtly, attempt to measure your success through the use of overused stereotypes; race, gender, economical background etc. High school taught me that is more than possible to overcome each and every naysayer, simply by working hard, keeping your head down, your hopes up, and most importantly letting loose every now and then maybe having a little dance session to your favorite song.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in school?
My greatest accomplishment in school is not quitting the IB program. Even though it’s all I wanted to do at times, not giving up on it was something that I am very proud of, all of those sleepless nights will be worth it in the long run.

How have the RTC program/counselors supported your journey to college?
The RTC counselors have always answered any and every of my seemingly never ending questions about the college admissions process. Even with a simple smile the counselors have managed to always make me feel like I was headed in the right direction.

What are you most excited about for college?
I’m most excited to meet people with similar goals and dreams as well as developing my independence. As an only child I’m used to being babied, and in college it’ll be fun to start making decisions by myself and for myself. Also I’m really looking forward to sleeping in a bunk bed in my dorm because, under my bed I plan on making some sort of “bat cave,” where I can escape to if my roommate is being too noisy or annoying.

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